The Credo Company is a full-service boutique consulting firm. We handle a wide range of business development goals for our clients and also manage all government relations at all cabinet agencies and in both chambers of the legislature. Our professional relationships with those in office or decision making positions in the public and private sector are unmatched.

The foundation of our service in any project is open and honest dialogue at all times, accompanied by a restless work ethic until the goal is achieved.

Consulting does not mean telling clients what they want to hear. Our task is to analyze, manage and progress your project with the skills and assets we have.

Our service has one goal – achieving successful results for our clients in the most ethical manner.

Business Development:

At The Credo Company we take on our clients' goals as if they were our own and help them build their business. We truly look for any and every opportunity and advantage we can provide our clients while helping them grow.

Each client has their own goals, and each project is different. Whether it is forming a public-private partnership, or finding the right team of domestic partners to collaborate with in all aspects of your businesses operations, The Credo Company has multiple avenues to assist the growth and prosperity of its clients.

Government Relations:

Every community is unique and constantly evolving. To stay competitive, businesses and organizations must continually adapt to rapidly changing environments. Government relations is a critical component of this process.

Navigating the many levels of government bureaucracy and ever-changing political climates is challenging. The Credo Company brings decades of expertise to the task of effective government relations representation, providing a level of experience and relationships that maximizes our clients' ability to communicate their services, assets and goals in order to achieve their results.

The Credo Company offers its clients comprehensive government relations planning and lobbying services including: continual legislative monitoring, procurement consulting and political analysis.

Multi-State Network:

The Credo Company proudly offers our clients a network of multi-state consultant partners and our nationwide media relations partner firm. With our team, we are able to offer our clients the opportunity to effectively and advantageously position themselves in several states and assist with their business needs, government relations and public affairs.

Media Relations and Development:

The Credo Company's partnership with one of the premier national media relations and development firms is able to aide clients with their image and brand here in the state, online, on television and across the country while not compromising any of their goals or values.

Whether a business needs help gauging public opinion and support, or needs assistance with crafting their message and building their story, The Credo Company with its partners can help.

Our umbrella team of professionals can handle any media, public affairs or political task here and nationwide.